Create your own world in minutes

🚀 Hey Future Builders of Goteverse! 🌈

Calling all dreamers, tech wizards, and creative minds — get ready to dive into the coolest virtual playground ever: Goteverse! Imagine a world where YOU have the power to shape everything, and guess what? We want YOU to be a part of it!

There are many ways to build virtual worlds, and it doesn't have to be complicated. We have put together a tutorial where you can build your own world in just a few minutes! We are using the 3D engine Hiber World. It is actually developed in Gothenburg!

Step 1

Get Started

First step is just to try it and understand how it works. Head over to hiberworld.com and try some different worlds! If you are planning to publish your own world it is good to sign up and create an account. You can explore worlds both on your smartphone and your computer, although it is easier to design your own worlds on the computer.

Step 2

Choose a tool

There are two ways of building 3d worlds.One is with the editor where you drag & drop assets you want to add, if you have played games like Minecraft you already know how it works.This is the best choice if you don't know anything about programming.

The second way is by code. This is slightly more difficult but if you are interested in building games and add more advanced features to your world this will give you more possibilities.

Step 3

Publish world

From the editorOpen your world. Create a thumbnail for your world by clicking the icon in the top right (or key N). Publish your world by pressing Escape on the keyboard and click on the Publish button.

With codeThere are a few initial steps before you can publish your world. You find exactly how with this tutorial.

Step 4

Add your world
to Goteverse

Now let's tell the world about it! Send it in to us and we will help people to find out about it.